Monday, October 4, 2010

Save Humanity now before you and your family is the next victim of atrocious attacks on human beings

A very important and educating site has lot of vital information for all Muslims who have some interest to really know their origins and the true nature of Islam before taking any decision. The times we are in will expose the realities of cruelty and violence of this faith to the world. Do not be left behind thinking that you are a pious and wonderful Muslim when what is happening on your behalf is atrocious and absolutely unacceptable.

See the following video and this will shake your faith from bottom and will bring you out of doubt that what you are following is criminal and extremely dangerous to you and your family and all humanity. Save the humanity and your family from being slaughtered. Do something immediately and talk to your elected officials and reach to the governments where ever you can to ban and prohibit the proliferation of terror and fear. You can rest and close your eyes but at your own risk and what is to come may not be very good.

Do not watch if you have a weak stomach!!!!

This video shows a 12-year old Muslim boy learning how to take care of an enemy of Allah:

Here is how islamists suppress any opposing views in Kashmir.Basically keep your mouth shout if you want to live.

Movie Banned In Islamic World

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