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World Governments must wake up and do something for Ex Muslims - demand for a new country or area to migrate

Read through these pages and all possible links and you will see that Islam is not a religion from any angle. It is a mafia that gags all its forced "followers" who unfortunately are born in families who already were in the ring and they find it very hard to leave because any protest, any inquiry or questions asked, you are threatened to be gagged or killed. Islam is the biggest danger to humanity. Please world wake up before it is too late. The Muslim Brotherhood is now preparing itself to attack Europe, Russia, India, Americas with Nuclear and Bio weapons and you all will be gone. WAKE UP NOW. It is important to recognize the huge monster. Old USSR and Mao's China were nothing in front of this huge monster. The attacks from Muslims in form of terrorism were just minor sparks, the real fire is being prepared. IF YOU DO NOT WAKE UP AND DO NOT WAKE UP YOUR LEADERS, YOUR GOVERNMENTS you are doomed. This is not a laughing matter. It is not a joke. It is reality. Sheer reality exposed by insiders.

Why is that no one else but only Muslims are so violent? WHY? What has Islamic countries have so far contributed to the world. Nothing!!! Zero. Only thing Islam has given is slaughtering of human beings and sacrificing animals together. That is why millions yes MILLIONS of Muslims who can think on their own want to leave or have left Islam - the violent religion. Islam is the most horrible white Arab imperialistic movement for past 1400 years and the time has come to finish with it.
Look at the overall 1400 years of Islamic history. What they have done and slaughtered millions and millions of innocent people in all over Islamicized countries eclipse a few million killed by Communism and European wars. 

Look at todays world. Why is that almost all violence of past 2 decades is leading to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria, Palestine, Somalia and all other Muslim countries. 

Why there are no chinese or indian or japanese or european or american or latin american terrorists?

Chile rescued 33 miners alive from the dark half mile deep underground caves. Chile spent all its national resources to save the lives. Whereas Muslim countries spend all their national resources to destroy the lives of their subjects. Most Muslims are like living in dark caves of Islam and they are like trapped miners.
WHO IS GOING TO SAVE THESE TRAPPED MUSLIMS? The world must listen, heed and take some action against inhuman treatment given by Islamic governments to their subjects who are routinely treated like slaves and if any one wants to speak one single word against the imposed religious belief by the rulers, that person is killed. There is no freedom of faith. There is no freedom to think independently with brains. There is no honesty, civility, truth or decency in Islam. It will continue to discriminate and unless one follows its one point politics of converting, it will keep treating all humanity as infidel that is unfaithful to God. Their god allah is nothing but a one of the 259 deities of ancient temple of al qaba called al-laht that was symbol and deity of Satanic worship.

The black magic, black stone, black veil, black and dark forces are the cover of Islam but inside too Islam is nothing but dark negative energy.

If it was genuine, spiritual or religion of light, it wont be ruled by stupid, inhuman and absurd laws of the book that is full of violence, sheer nonsense. Most Muslims have never ever read properly the Islamic literature and they are made to believe that by parroting arabic language verses they are going direct to paradise or be very fortunate. Little do they know that they are writing their destiny to go straight to hell where since Mohammad all Muslims are trapped and suffering because no Muslim will ever enter the real sacro sanctum temple of Real God.

The enlightened and intelligent Muslims borns when come upon reading their literature in their own language or English they come to realize how they have been taken for a ride. Most such people immediately want to leave but due to extreme fear and fascism of Islam they just keep it to themselves and never disclose their "exit" from this dreadful preaching. Millions of Muslims with some clean heart and open exposure to truth do not want to follow this dishonest, white arab imperialistic force forced upon them by Fear and Terror.
World must wake up now because Mohammad had declared himself that when man has reached moon neither Moosa nor Issa will remain in existence.
It is time to finish with this dreadful, violent religion and the true spiritual people born in islamic fold need to adapt to a more tolerant and natural religion faith.

Muslims are taught of violence, killing, loot, plunder, robbing others and engaging in all sort of crimes and sins in name of Islam. There is no excuse for constant terrorism, slaughtering of human beings, animals and destruction of age old stable cultures and civilizations. For last 14 centuries the only achievement of Muslims is destruction, plunder, destroying of countries,civil societies. Look at any crime in the world news and 90% of the criminals are Muslims. There is nothing positive so far achieved by Muslims. The sciences and arts were never developed by any Muslim but translated in Arabic from other ancient societies. Islam has given absolutely nothing to the world so far. It is showing its true and real face. The political correctness of secular Europe, United States and India like countries have tolerated the Islamic drama but the water has reached almost at drowning level. WAKE UP BEFORE Islam destroys the remaining world.

[If you have any guts and can bear graphics just search for terror islam or islamic terror http://images.google.com and or videos and you will be not needing to see any horror movies for years. For example have a quick look:

THOSE WHO READ THE TRUTH OF ISLAM - immediately come to know that they are like trapped miners and they want to leave. The fortunate ones do leave easily because they can assimilate in Foreign lands mostly Non Muslims. But if these people are in Muslim or Islamic ruled countries their lives are not safe. They are tortured and hounded till they die. If this is not fascism what is it?
The most fortunate are those who have fled to safer nations of democratic societies and these people have initiated new lives and since the advent of internet they are doing all they can to bring about the truth and sanity countering the propaganda propagated by extremely violent, insecure and insane Muslim nations.

There are thousands and thousands of Muslims leaving and trying to leave their families and neighborhoods or countries but if one lives where one is around Muslims , the chances of getting killed are high and it is important to not declare it publicly. The most wise Muslims are leaving their old neighborhoods and migrating to other countries changing their identity and many just move to larger cities and adapt a new life. There are millions of such people but the world media and media will never publish these stories first for being secretive and then most media world wide is afraid of reprisal attacks by terrorists.

There is absolutely no openness, democratic values or acceptance of truth in any Muslim society. You speak even one word against the prophet or the satanic verses and thousand brainless Muslims begin their protests even if they are uneducated, poor or totally oblivious but they are encouraged to protest and tie the bombs that prompt them to throw on crowded neighbourhoods, buildings or streets. WHAT KIND OF RELIGION WILL preach such violence to teenagers, 10 years old and kids who know nothing about any science or arts but the dark and violent nonsense that is force upon them.
Go to any Islamic School called Madrassas and you will see thousands of tiny little children moving their heads and chanting and parroting the useless verses which they have no understanding of nor will it serve these children.
Education of Sciences, Arts and Technology is considered a tabboo by Muslims because the Rascal promoters of Islam know that once a child has learned the real sciences and history he/she will not remain Muslim.

What kind of religion teaches, trains and preaches in so called religious buildings called Mosques young teenagers and others to convert others by hook or crook, mix chemicals, creating bombs, train with knives, swords, machine guns and explosive devices? It is the true Islam! Try find any other single religious belief that teaches and trains the disciples to tie bombs on their belts and throw themselves on innocent walking human beings and they are constantly told that this is act of super sacrifice for the Allah. WHAT KIND OF ALLAH WILL BE THAT PREACHES The most beautiful creation of god to kill other human beings. 
When you ask for clarification all these crooked and monsterous brain washed Muslims begin giving justifications of injustice?

What injustice has been done by outside world or democratic world to any Islamic society?
NONE whatsoever. All forces that have tried to remove dictatorships, corrupt military leaders and self appointed Sheikhs have been in turn labelled as enemies of Islam? How is that possible? Raising voice against exploitation and instilling democratic values is considered ANTI ISLAMIC? Is it anti islamic or anti these corrupt leaders who are leading dozens of Muslim nations to areas of darkness.

Whenever there is any talk of terror and plunder by Islamic leaders they use their lobbies and all possible public relations in form of protesters who do not know what are they doing. The only real political system in any Islamic country is still the same kill and rule initiated by the self appointed unique representative of Allah. Nobody can question that. Why?
Because once you question and expose, the naked truth of Islamic leaders will be exposed and the world could see how ugly, horrific and inhuman these leaders are.

It is the monopolistic, royal, military or violent war-lords or mafia that rule any Islamic country. There is not a single Islamic country that has democracy, promotion of education, non discriminatory policies. ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES are run and governed by the dark laws of Quran and its monsterous atrocious nonsense. THIS MUST CHANGE NOW. To avoid democracy, education, science and sanity Muslims rulers have continued with the promotion of violence not only to hide their crimes but to propagate this violent religion to all places they can. Now after literally destroying almost all Asia and Africa except a few countries they are after Russia, Europe, South and North America.

World governments must wake up and so should the UN. 
There are millions of EX Muslims who demand a new country of their own. 

The extremely violent Islamic society, religion and its fold works like a real socio-religious mafia and it strangulates one's beliefs by force. Either you are a Muslim or you are non-human this is the policy of all Muslim nations without any exception. If you notice most innocent Muslims go thinking that any talk of truth is insult to "their religion". How can a belief system be insulted? Inquiring, questioning and knowing the truth has never been the case of any Muslim. As soon as some wise Muslim man or woman begin to read the quranic literature, he/she comes to realize that he has been taken for a ride and there begins a "horrible nightmarish journey" that ultimately let them get over and they leave. This is the case of Millions of unsung heroes who were courageous to leave their fold after realizing and finding the realities. It is the most secretive society and most fables and tales about the prophet are created, false and fantasy. The real stories in actuality are only known or read by scholars who keep it buried for fear of their life.

This tradition of fear, terror and not saying the truth, led Muslims to destroy grand ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Iran, India and later Indonesia and Malaysia. Chinese used their cultural barriers and a difficult language and hence these marauders never could reach mainstream China and their sword only reached Xinjiang area. If Chinese were weaker people like weak and coward people of Indonesian islands or Malay Islands, today Chinese will be bombing the cities worldwide instead of working hard and bringing prosperity to their lives.
The history of fear and terror has continued and the beneficiaries have been obviously the white Arabs who literally used Islamic sword and blood thirsty expeditions to dominate, colonize and loot, plunder the richer ancient cultures.

Islam is not even a religion in any sense of the word. It does not teach peace, love or compassion. It only teaches how to exploit innocent children, women and weaker societies. The aim of Islam started by a blood thirsty angry man [read his full story to know what is meant here] was to use and abuse women, kill and loot all pagans and Jews, the inhabitants of contemporary arabia and sell their children and wives as slaves.

There are educated and learned people born in Islamic or Muslim families and they want to get out

Muslims want to leave this religion and adapt a new life but there is no guidance. no encouragement and no place to go. We all Ex Muslims living in fear in many countries where Muslims dominate and others in freer nations, demand that the world governments and the United Nations must wake up immediately and urgently before the Muslims led by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other cash rich Muslim nations destroy not only their own populations but also they are blackmailing, killing and threatening all Non Muslims, ex Muslims and apostates or anyone who does not agree with them. Recently a private mass by a group of the Philippines catholics was attacked by Saudi Police and Military and arrested and harassed the group. No one has raised any questions so far.

There are thousands of Muslims marrying children and molesting, raping innocent young kids. Each day you will see hundreds of Imams, Sheiks and Maulavis +55 marrying little girls of 9 to 12.
In Islam the child molestation and paedophilia and incest is accepted as it is guided by the so called Holy Book which is full of instances and call for dominating all possible women and give birth to more Muslims. This has been the case for past 1400 years.

The paedophilia, the rape goes on for years and almost 1400 years.  
The following video is absolutely authentic with translation from Arabic to English

Khomeini Sexually Assaulting Crying and screaming 4 year old Girl – with parental consent

This sickening story is not about Khomeini. It is about Islam. It is a demonstration of how humans cease to be humans when they believe in evil ideologies.
Khomeini asks a father to let him have temporary “marriage” with his 4 years old daughter and this benighted man consents. The child screams when [...]
For more videos please follow the link:

also provided at the top right.

The time has arrived when the world must put a stop to this radical, inhuman and barbaric cult disguised as a religion and adapted as a imperialistic, mafia style force that dominate life of dozens of countries.

The purpose of all Islamic nations is to plunder wealth of all, their neighbours and to destroy, kill and maime millions of innocent people who do not want to believe in this massively fraudulent, corrupt religious force.

It is pointless to cut and destroy the constant crop of violence and hatred. You can never finish with it. The seed of all is the whole doctrine that contains this religious belief which unless destroyed will create horribly poisonous weed crops everywhere. The world needs to be united once and for all and all media must open up and be strong and not cow down with the threats of these evil marauders. The seed of Islam must be finished off to save the humanity from its onslaught. This is not hate or anger speech but the final conclusion of thousands of great real authentic scholars of Islam. It is time to act now. Saudi Arabia is a cancerous society and it is encroaching its caner to all others around and Pakistan is the open wound that is where the seed is germinated and causing terror around the world. 

There must be inquiries and the governments of Muslim nations must be answerable and must be asked. The world governments must boycott these nations and cut their supplies and freeze their assets.

Pakistan for example is a key threat to Nato, US and all Non Pakistani forces, to remaining surviving people of Afghanistan, India, Iran, Central Asia and rest of the South Asia and the world. Talebans are a unit of Pakistani military and they are run by ISI all encouraged, financed by drug peddlers, Saudi Royal family who provide all help to these people. Saudi Arabia is a great threat to all Middle East with trillions of dollars stashed and sitting on extremely large pile of weapons. Now Pakistani forces are setting up Nuke devices in various Middle East areas and soon the world may see big destruction. All middle Eastern and Pakistani radicals are training thousand and thousands of young people to spread and attack on all nations including the USA, EUROPE, RUSSIA and Asia.

Iran led by Khomeini and a lunatic violent clergy is impersonation of Satan and their only aim is to destroy the ancient remaining civil society of Persia and convert Iran into a killing machine. They are going to explode several nuclear and massive killing devices very soon and the world may see destruction of parts of Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, Near East, Europe and Mediterranean.

Saudi Arabia and UAE are two evil nations that have never ever contributed a single petro dollar on any poor Muslim nation but only donated few hundred millions to poor countries of Asia to promote zihad, terrorism and their 1400 year old arab imperialism. That is why you see destruction of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Sahara, West Africa and Bangladesh and soon Indonesia and other Muslim countries who will kill and kill and kill till they finish off all minorities and non Muslims.

The plunder, rape, violence and sheer large scale plotting of violence all around the world could stop permanently if the nations of the world stop doing trade with Muslim nations, Remove and expell all radicals from their areas and stop any supplies and exports to these nations. Change immigration policies and reform them by expelling every single Muslim and those who want to stay must sign a pledge to follow the host country if not they must be expelled. They must return to their mother countries and let them terrorize their own people.

The world must wake up now before it is too late.

1. A woman’s testimony is not equal to a man’s testimony in the court of law. Isn’t that evil?
2. A man can marry four women. A woman cannot marry four men. Isn’t that evil?
3. A person who leaves Islam, will be punished by death penalty. Isn’t that evil? Can’t people be free to choose.
4. In an Islamic state, a non-muslim citizen is not equal to a Muslim citizen under the law. Isn’t that evil?

5. In an Islamic state, a non-Muslim citizen is not allowed to practice his/her religion. In a few places even if it is allowed on paper, in practice it is hell.
6. Some Muslim states are engaged in state sponsored and organized terror disguised as a religious duty called zehad but in reality it is the same 1400 year old movement that has destroyed and trapped lives of over 1 billion mostly brown and black individuals in Africa and Asia.
7. The petro dollars are being used to create terror armies and nuclear weapons and never been used to help poor Muslims.

Editor of FaithFreedom.org :"All I can show you is that Islam is an Evil religion established by an evil man. He was a mad man indeed. He was a manipulator, a mass-murderer, rapist, pedophile, assassin.
In fact you can see that all over. When the Muslims destroyed the great Buddha statues in Afghanistan, this was done amongst the shoutings of “Allahu Akbar”. Those statues were a treasure for all humanity. After the incident, not a single incident of a Buddhist attacking a Muslim was recorded. Compare that to what Muslims did all over when some silly Cartoons about Muhammad appeared in a newspaper in Denmark, or compare that to a planned burning of Qur’an and what the Muslims did in destruction. The book burning never took place. Muslims follow a mad man. They become mad Par excellence, just because they are Muslims. When human follow a crazy barbaric maniac like Muhammad, they become like him."
The arguments given by Islamic defenders is that over one billion people follow this stupid belief system. Number of sheeps is never going to be a critical point for wolves. Little do these Muslims know that they are all sheeps. They are being slaughtered and used by a very small WHITE ARAB minority to rule and use them. 
The moment a thinking Muslim come to know the story of how he.she is being taken for granted and is being used as fodder he/she decides to leave.

If you are a Muslim even if you do not practice, spread the word, learn, know and inquire. Then decide.

Ex Muslims

See the barbarian Saudis and Arabs who they still maintain millions of slaves and torture them kill them and live free without being arrested. What can the world expect from these monsters?  Can you imagine these Saudi men and women who hammer nails in maids's bodies, cut their body parts and lips by scissors and kill, rape, torture them. WHERE ARE THE HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS? WHY THE WORLD IS SILENT?? WHY?? 


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Save Humanity now before you and your family is the next victim of atrocious attacks on human beings

A very important and educating site http://faithfreedom.org has lot of vital information for all Muslims who have some interest to really know their origins and the true nature of Islam before taking any decision. The times we are in will expose the realities of cruelty and violence of this faith to the world. Do not be left behind thinking that you are a pious and wonderful Muslim when what is happening on your behalf is atrocious and absolutely unacceptable.

See the following video and this will shake your faith from bottom and will bring you out of doubt that what you are following is criminal and extremely dangerous to you and your family and all humanity. Save the humanity and your family from being slaughtered. Do something immediately and talk to your elected officials and reach to the governments where ever you can to ban and prohibit the proliferation of terror and fear. You can rest and close your eyes but at your own risk and what is to come may not be very good.

Do not watch if you have a weak stomach!!!!

This video shows a 12-year old Muslim boy learning how to take care of an enemy of Allah:


Here is how islamists suppress any opposing views in Kashmir.Basically keep your mouth shout if you want to live.


Movie Banned In Islamic World

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Debates with so called Islamic Scholars

Debates Ali Sina - the founder of faithfreedom.org has had

Some Muslims have decided to accept my challenge and have tried to refute me. I promised to remove this site should they succeed. Here are our debates. 
 TRY this link for hundreds of his debates with a large number of so called scholars
You will understand after reading few who is right and who is on right side.
You can see that Most propagators of Islam are blinded, closed and unspiritual people with a strong religious faith that they consider as enough to achieve their religious beliefs but little do they know that they are on wrong side and Islam is NOT really a religion but an extremely unrealistic, inhumane and cruel doctrine almost akin to being satanic to destroy the objective of human life.
Grand Ayatollah Montazeri vs. Ali Sina.
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi vs. Ali Sina  2006/09/04
Maulana Ajmal Qadri  vs. Ali Sina 2007/11/17
Symposium: Gender Apartheid and Islam

Ali Sina dismantles Dr. Zakir Naik in this review of his 2000 televised debate with Dr. William Campbell.  2006/06/12 
Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of Science  

Faithfreedom.com is a site exclusively created  to prove us wrong. 
Here are the debates I had with them. Unfortunately they stopped debating. 
Also read the interesting debate that Ismahan Levi, a Saudi ex-Muslim Lady who has married to a Jew had with the faithfeedom.com team. 

 TRY this link for hundreds of his debates with a large number of so called scholars

Exposing Islam from the Inside Out

Exposing Islam from the Inside Out By: Jamie Glazov FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is M. A. Khan, author of the new book Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery. In November 2005, he started the Islam-watch.org website, which is emerging as a leading ex-Muslim initiative for the enlightenment of Muslims.

FP: M. A. Khan, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Let’s begin with your own personal journey. Tell us where you were born and your early life as a Muslim.

Khan: Thank you Jamie; I am delighted to be here.

I was born and brought up in a conservative Muslim society. Having completed my university studies in India, I moved to the West.

I, however, grew up with a liberal outlook. In my school and university days, my closest friends were Hindus and Sikhs, who were more liberal, easy-going and humble with fewer religious scruples. I had wholly given up religious rituals by the time I completed my university studies: they just didn’t attract me.

At the time of the tragic 9/11 attacks, I had lived in a liberal society for over a decade. I had become convinced that religious rituals—prayers, fasting, pilgrimage—were all meaningless. I should be rewarded, I felt, for working hard, working intelligently, not for blindly following some rituals, which bear no good to anybody. Islam had very little to do with my life, except that I was part of the Muslim society. I consumed haraam (prohibited) foods, drank alcohol in moderation, shocking my Muslim peers.

Although I was this much liberal, let me be honest with you that I was not excluded from those Muslims who felt that the 9/11 attacks were justified. I, however, felt that those perished in the attacks were innocent; they didn’t deserve it.

FP: Why did you think that the U.S. deserved it?

Khan: It would surprise everybody that someone, whose life was little influenced by Islam, can feel this way. Why is it so? It is because Muslim societies universally portray America as a mortal enemy of Islam, particularly for its stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The picture painted is that America’s support for Israel causes terrible oppression and untold sufferings to Palestinian Muslims. So, in the eyes of many Muslims, the 9/11 attacks gave the unjust superpower a bloody nose.

You hear from the media that only a small percentage of Muslims, the radicalized ones, support the 9/11 attacks. I can assure you that an overwhelming majority of believing Muslims feel a sense of justification for the 9/11 attacks. However, very few of them will confess it, especially when Western media do the survey.

I was, undoubtedly, very liberal, despite my upbringing in Muslim society. Never read the sacred Islamic texts, I thought Islam was a rational and peaceful religion, glaringly disregarding all the horrible things Muslim were doing globally. I thought those terrorists, acting in the name of Islam, were misguided.

FP: So how did you begin to change?

Khan: Prompted by so much scrutiny of Islam after the 9/11 attacks, I slowly started reading Islam’s sacred texts—the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s traditions (Sunnah) and biographies. I was shocked. I had been told all my life that the Prophet Muhammad was the ideal human being: most merciful and just; that Islam is a religion of peace; and I believed it. But the Qur’an reads like a manifesto of open-ended war against non-Muslims and speaks of converting or subjugating them into horribly degraded dhimmi subjects.

In his prophetic career, especially during the critical last ten years, Prophet Muhammad was anything but peaceful, merciful and just. It was a depressing, torturous time lasting a couple of years. For a Muslim of whatsoever conviction, consciously leaving Islam is probably the most difficult thing. I made it. You may get a clear picture of my struggle from my testimony of leaving Islam.

FP: So tell us about your book.

Khan: I liberated myself from Islam after studying some of the canonical Islamic texts. But I couldn’t stop; my curiosity grew further. Over the past few years, I have done extensive research on Islamic theology, as well as history: from Prophet Muhammad to modern times. The more I read, the more I became shocked. It has been a harrowing tale of inhuman brutality of innocent people: forced conversion, brutal imperialism and devastating slavery. It’s a saga of great human tragedy and all these were perpetrated by Muslim invaders and rulers over the centuries in the name of Islamic holy war or Jihad, the foundational creed of Islam. This tragic tale is the subject of my new book.

Let me highlight the content of the book a little for the reader’s better understanding of what to expect. From the title, it becomes clear that it is about Jihad and its history, a common topic these days. But readers will find this book interesting and even essential for making a complete grasp of the issue, even if they have already read dozens of books on the subject.

What I have done is that I have tried to walk step-to-step with Prophet Muhammad. When people read this book, they will able to mirror how Muhammad, step by step, founded his creed. Most importantly, it will become transparent to them why Allah started showering down the commands for Jihad after 12 years of his prophetic mission had passed. It will become crystal-clear why Allah suddenly commanded Jihad at that juncture, what those commands were and what it entails for a Muslim to become a Jihadi.

There is much controversy and disagreements about the true nature of Jihad. This book will make it immediately clear to readers that Jihad is overridingly, if not absolutely, violent and inhuman by nature. This book also makes it thoroughly transparent that Jihad, in its violent form, is the foundation, the heart, of Islam as I assert: “Violent Jihad is the heart of Islam; without it, Islam would, most likely, have died a natural death in the seventh century itself” (p. 79).

I also demonstrate that Allah’s doctrine for Jihad entails three cardinal commands:

1) Forced conversion of non-Muslims, especially of idolaters (Hindus, Buddhists, Animists etc.),
2) Imperial expansion for the establishment of global Islamic rule, which involves humiliating subjugation of dhimmi subjects and their mindless exploitation, and
3) Slavery.

Each of these topics has been discussed in separate chapters, beginning with how Allah commanded these as part of Jihad; how Muhammad acted upon those commands to set forth ideal examples of them; and how Muslims perpetuated those ideal Jihadi actions over the centuries.

This book is packed with theological and historical information on all these topics from India to Central Asia, to the Middle East, to Africa, to Europe. It is filled with shocking, harrowing, tales. It also details how even the United States had to struggle with the enslavement of her ship-crews in North Africa, how they had to pay humiliating ransom, and how, as demands continued to rise, they bravely solved the issue with military actions. Therefore, people from all these regions will quickly be able to relate to the content and realize how horribly Islam had impacted the lives of their forefathers.

FP: What do you hope your book will achieve?

Khan: I consider myself a nontheistic humanist from a Muslim background; I believe in living in harmony with all around us, irrespective of creed, race or color. Unfortunately, Muslims have historically failed to do so; they continue to fail today. This fact will become glaringly clear to all, when they read this book.

My sincere hope is that Muslims, a community in which I have lived 35 years of my life (all family and friends continue to be Muslim), will be able to live in harmony with their non-Muslim neighbors with total human rights guaranteed for either party. Unfortunately, the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic countries is less than honorable and getting worse. Once my Muslim brethren read this book, I feel, the whole reality of Islam upon their lives, upon their ancestors’ life and upon their future generations would become clear to them. And it will not be a pleasant one.

Obviously, most part of the world today is mired by the problem of Islamic Jihadism. Since the 9/11 attacks, there have been no less than 12,800 violent attacks by Muslim individuals, mobs and Jihadi groups around the globe. I would sincerely hope that my book help the world grasp the nature of the ongoing Jihadi problem and act accordingly to assuage this malaise. My target-readers, first and foremost, are Muslims. I firmly believe that this book will rouse a deep sense of remorse amongst Muslims concerning how horribly Islam impacted their ancestors’ life. They suffered shocking, heart-breaking, atrocities. Muslim societies are loaded with misinformation that Islam brought liberation from existing tyranny and oppression to their ancestors. They will find this notion totally groundless; instead, they will be convinced that Islam undoubtedly brought all these horrors to their forefathers.

Muslims also universally believe that their religion and society have always been free from the horrors of forced conversion, imperialism and slavery; there is no place, they claim, for such abominations in Islam. They believe that only Christians perpetrated such horrors around the world, from India to the Americas; they are vociferous in condemning the West over this. But after reading this book, they will realize that it is Muslims, who were the master of forced conversion, imperialism and slavery in the most shocking forms since Islam’s birth. The European Christians had also become the sustained victims of these Islamic brutalities for many centuries before they themselves embarked upon these practices. Muslims were, indeed, the masters to teach Europeans all these horrible things.

FP: You also touch on the Sufis and some myths about them.

Khan: This book will also shatter the most firmly established belief amongst Muslims as well as non-Muslims that Islam was propagated peacefully by Sufis and that force was never a part of the propagation of Islam particularly in Southeast Asia, and Central and East Africa. I have made it clear with solid documentation from authentic sources that Sufis were mostly violent Jihadis. Those, who engaged in conversion, did so through the instrument of violence. Some Sufis were peaceful, but they never played a significant role in conversion. Similarly, Islam’s spread in Southeast Asia was anything but peaceful. Legendary Muslim traveler and Sufi devotee Ibn Battutah records of brutal Jihadi excursion against non-Muslims in Samudra (Indonesia) in the 1340s. Southeast Asian Muslims would be shocked to find out how Islam was imposed upon their forefathers. Similar was the case in Central and East Africa.

On the whole, I hope this book will have significant humanizing impact upon Muslims. Indeed, if they read it carefully, it will become crystal-clear to them that Islam was created by Muhammad as an imperialist movement to conquer the world disguised as a religion, and that, at its core, it is fraudulent, brutal, inhuman and worthy of little respect. I feel that after reading this book, a majority of them would feel the urge of leaving this creed and become part of peaceful humanity.

FP: And how about the book as it relates to non-Muslim readers?

Khan: This book is equally important, indeed more important, for non-Muslims. While realizing how horribly Islam had affected the lives of their forefathers (they suffered more), they will also realize that Islam is here not to leave them and their future generations alone.

This book will convinced them that Jihad, created as an eternal command of Allah, will undoubtedly remain that way for a long time to come. Jihad’s ultimate aim is to take over the world by instituting the Qur’an and prophetic traditions as the sole constitution and sources of law. Let me emphasize—which readers will readily understand upon reading this book—that Islam is most comfortably placed than ever to accomplish this ultimate goal. One only has to ponder the fact that just one man, Muhammad, took up Allah’s command of Jihad in 622 CE; and through all kinds of tricks, he convinced his rather unwilling 200 or so disciples (yes, they were unwilling; I have made it crystal-clear in the book) to take upon the profession.

And see the result: some 1.4 billion—about a quarter of the world-population—today are Muslims and growing fast. They are increasingly warming up to their sacred duty of Jihad, which Allah has made binding upon them (Quran 2:216). Just think about the outcome of a Jihadi charge, even if taken up by a small fraction of today’s Muslims, against non-Muslim humanity. Muslims are obviously showing increasing willingness to go the Jihadi way to finish off the 14-century-old battle of conquering the world.

However, even if they shun the violent way, they will do the same by demographic change. Muslims in Britain are growing ten times faster than the rest. At about 3.5% of the total population, a greater majority of British Muslims are in favor of establishing Sharia laws in the UK than those opposed to it. What will be the religious demographics in the UK, say in the year 2050, and what will be the law of the land? Sharia is horrible for non-Muslims as well as Muslim women; its criminal codes are barbaric: stoning, cutting of hands and feet and more.

Moreover, as soon as Muslims constitute a critical-mass of the population, there will most likely be a civil-war-like situation in Western countries. Indeed, such as situation is already active in Muslim dominated Paris suburbs; non-Muslims dare not enter Muslim ghettos in Sweden. Most of all, I urge my Western brethren to take a glance all over the Muslim world, which may become the scene in the heart of Europe before this century has passed.

This book must be read by all, Muslim or non-Muslim. This increasingly solidifying, and potentially devastating, Jihadi scourge is aggressively waged by Muslims; they can end it peacefully. If Muslims read this book, they will find little inspiration to fight for advancing Islam.

Non-Muslims must read this book to secure a peaceful, progressive and just society for their generation and their offspring’s. The fact is: Muslims rarely read books. And given the fact that, since the 9/11 attacks, Muslims have grown more hostile than conciliatory, more and more radical, shows that no solution will come from their side; they will only intensify the conflict.

Therefore, it will, undoubtedly, be the responsibility of non-Muslims to tackle the conflict and secure the future of their children and grandchildren; they are the ones who have most to lose. Leaders and politicians must read this book to grasp the depth of the precipitating Islamic troubles around the world and devise effective measures to tackle it.

Ordinary citizens must read this book to understand the same and pressurize their leaders to put effective measures in place to secure the liberal, tolerant and progressive future of the secular-democratic world. If not, a lasting dark-age will descend globally in a couple of generations.

Readers may have a look at the content as well as initial assessment of the book from readers, including some well-known authors and academics, here.

FP: M. A. Khan, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev’s Soviet Union and is the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left. He edited and wrote the introduction to David Horowitz’s Left Illusions. His new book is United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

Breaking Free From Islam

I submit that Islam is not a religion of peace. How many people were beaten, executed, intimidated, ridiculed, harassed and silenced by Islam in the past 1400 years? Too many, that is the answer and using allah as a shield to justify said actions is inexcusable and beyond the pale. Islam teaches one to give up their humanity to be guided by a compass of immorality. For evidence, just google it. Better yet, read the koran. Having a critical mind while reading will reveal one thing.

Islam is out to destroy all the freedoms that we here in the west take for granted. I really can't say anything more on this matter because one really has to see it with their own eyes.

Just look at the Netherlands as an example. "Peaceful muslims" move in and act all nice, but when their numbers grow enough, a switch gets flipped and all of a sudden, homosexuals are kidnapped and killed, women are raped, hate speech fills the air, people of other religions are assaulted verbally and physically...

Or Paris France, how muslims from all over France shuttle to Paris to block off streets to the local population so they can pray! Intimidation tactics.


There is no way that this vile cult can be considered peaceful

Breaking Free From Islam

When I was a Muslimah, I searched all over the internet trying to find people who got out of Islam. I was desperate to get out. I realized that this religion had little to do with God, and that I was in danger. I felt completely alone, because I had been abandoned by my family, and my new Muslim family did not truly have my back. Sharia law calls leaving Islam apostasy, punishable by death. This is not a game. There are lots of women out there that get trapped like I did in the world of Islam. There are some who are trying desperately to get out, while others are thinking to convert or marry a Muslim man. STOP!!! Before you do anything, arm yourself with knowledge. Learn from other women like me who have gone down that tortuous path and wasted years of our lives. If you are caught in a situation and need help getting out, you are not alone. You have friends here who have been through that and can help. If you are thinking of marrying a Muslim man, please ask questions. If you are thinking of converting to Islam, why? Do you really understand this so-called religion. Do you know that it has all the elements of a textbook cult? Please ask questions! Join this group to discuss your situation, and to learn more about Islam and why we are no longer Muslims.
Created on: Saturday, 05 June 2010

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Use of fear coercion and violent force to destroy all if you dont agree to islamists

   Imam Feisal and Prophet Muhammad: Peace Builders by the Sword

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Muhammad went to Medina as a refugee and established the supremacy and rule of Islam through threats of violence, indeed, through mass eviction and slaughter of the Jews. Imam Feisal and his Muslim hordes also came to the West as refugees and are trying to take over through the same tactics.

Islam is a 'religion of peace'. Ask a Muslim: He/she will tell you that Islam brought true peace, equality, justice, human rights and liberty to mankind. Muhammad set the tone of this peaceable core of Islam through a charter of peace, the so-called Covenant of Medina, through which he established a peaceful cohesive state in Medina, where the rights of followers of all faiths were ensured. Extending this peaceful mission, he united the fractious and bickering uncivilized Bedouin tribes of Arabia, upon which was founded the world's greatest empire and civilization, within which people of all faiths lived in peace, harmony and equality. Not only Muslims, but also non-Muslim historians, often of the Marxist leaning, would tell you so. So says Ibn Warraq, albeit regrettably (Why I Am Not A Muslim, p. 198):
Open any modern introductory book on Islam and the chances are you will find that it begins by singing the praises of a people who conquered, in an incredibly short period, half the civilized world—of a people who established an empire that stretched from the banks of the Indus in the east to the shores of the Atlantic in the West. The volume will recount in positively glowing terms a time when Muslims ruled over a vast population of diverse peoples and cultures.
Indeed, Muhammad invited the people of Arabia, even the rulers of Persia, Byzantium and Egypt amongst others, to unite under this prophethood and leadership. And, to that end, he founded an imperial Islamic state in Arabia, which would be the launching pad for the expansion of Islamic rule to far corners of the world.
But how was this so-called unity and peace was achieved? Let us first look at the Covenant of Medina, allegedly Muhammad's first agreement of peace and pluralistic coexistence with infidels, namely Jews and Polytheists of the city.
One must bear in mind that this covenant was signed less than one year after Muhammad's immigration there as a refugee. This covenant was dictated by, or written out from, Allah and Muhammad. It puts Muhammad as the ruler of the city, without whose permission, no-one, Muslim or non-Muslim, could go to war; the Jews and Polytheists of Medina must not protect the Quryash of Mecca, whom Muhammad had resolved to put to the sword; life of Muslims must be avenged, but not of non-Muslims, killed by a Muslim. Within a year of coming to Medina, Muhammad was offering the native non-Muslims of the city of such terms, demanding complete submission and subjugation to his authority. If they failed, concluded the document: "Loyalty is a protection against treachery". that means, if the native non-Muslims didn't show submission to Muhammad with complete loyalty, treachery will be unleashed: that is, the covenant would be thrown away and they would be treacherously attacked.
This is the model Muhammad had set forth for Muslims to follow through eternity, and there is a complete resemblance between this and Imam Feisal's campaign to build the Ground Zero mosque; we will come to it later.
In like manner, Muhammad, when became increasingly powerful in men and swords, offered proposals to other communities and nations to submit to him with offer of peace and security of their life and property. Let us see what Muhammad wrote to the kings of Oman:
‘Embrace Islam and you shall be safe… If you submit to Islam, you will remain kings, but if you abstain, your rule will be removed and my horses will enter your arena to prove my prophecy.’
That is, to be safe and keep your kingship, embrace Islam; else my forces would enter your backyard and wreak destruction upon you.
While writing for submission to Heraclius of Byzantium, the world's most powerful emperor, just fresh from defeating the Persians in Palestine, Muhammad couldn't be so threatening, in order to avoid an attack. So, he wrote to Heraclius in a somewhat mild language (Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad, Karachi, p. 655):
‘If you accept Islam you will be safe; if you accept Islam, Allah will give you double reward; if you turn back, the sin of the husbandmen will be upon you.'
That means, to be safe and rewarded, accept Islam; if not, you will be responsible for misguiding your people.
Here Muhammad couldn't threaten him with punishment by sending his forces to attack him, not at this point in time, when he was so weak.
Here is the "prince of peace" of Muslims, the message of whose peace-overtures was: To buy safety and security, the infidels must embrace Islam, submit to his leadership and prophethood, or else, the swords would be drawn.
Later on, we witness Caliph Omar using the same mode of peace-overtures. Demanding submission to Islam, he wrote to the Shah of Iran:
Worship Allah the creator of the world. Worship Allah and accept Islam as the path of salvation. End now your polytheistic ways and become Muslims that you may accept Allah-u-Akbar as your savior. This is the only way of securing your own survival and the peace of your Persians. You will do this if you know what is good for you and for your Persians. Submission is your only option.
Down to our time, Imam Feisal, the man behind of the Ground Zero mosque project, plus his Muslim horde in the West, including great intellectual Fareed Zakaria (see why), are trying to use the same template of action or modus operandi---in the context of time and reality, of course.
Imam Feisal has emerged as a champion builder of peace and harmony between Muslims and the infidels. In words, he shoots bombastic propaganda of building peace and tolerance, but, in substance, he sends out the message of drawing out the sword, if submission and subjugation to his Islamic agenda is not realized.
His latest agenda is building a giant mosque close to the Ground Zero of 9/11 attacks, as part of his so-called mission of building interfaith tolerance and peace between Islamic and the Western world, between Muslims and Westerners. His weird logic is that building such an elegant mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero site would foster peace and harmony between Muslims and Western infidels, would help incline Muslims more toward peace, and blunt the messages of al-Qaeda-minded Muslims.
We may forget that almost every terrorist attacks and plots in the past decade in the West, from 9/11 to Fort Hood, have been linked to radicalization of the perpetrators in mosques, that, in Islamic countries, mosques and madrasas are breeding grounds for Islamic fanatics and terrorists.
In the mildest of sense, a mosque is symbol of Islam, a symbol of Islamization. More the mosque, the elegant the mosque, the greater is Islamization, the dominance of Islam in that place. In other words, a giant mosque at the Ground Zero would represent the rising dominance of Islam in the New York City---plain and simple.
Moreover, from Islam's inception, mosques have been built to declare political supremacy of Islam over other faiths. Muhammad started it in Arabia, by destroying the churches, synagogues and temples of non-Muslim communities, the Pagan's Ka'ba Temple turned into the Ka'ba Mosque being the shining example. Since then, every place Muslim have conquered, they have destroyed their most revered places of worship and built at their places giant mosques to declare Islam's political and religious supremacy over the conquered infidels. Moving on from Mecca, the most famous churches in Cordoba (Spain) and Istanbul, the most revered Jewish Temple of Jerusalem, to the greatest Hindu temple of Rama Mandir in Ayodhya—all have been taken over and desecrated or destroyed, and famous mosques have been built in their stead.
In that sense, mosques represent a symbol of terror and humiliation to non-Muslims. How can, then, a mosque at the Ground Zero foster tolerance and peace between Americans and Muslims?
Most importantly, the al-Qaeda terrorists, who brought down the World Trade Center at the Ground Zero, did so because they want to establish a global Islamic Caliphate by subjugating the infidels to Islamic dominance through intimidation and terror. The most desirable thing on earth they would dream to see is a mosque build at the prime places of infidel powers around the world. A mosque at the World Trade Center or the White House would be the most desirable, dreamable, thing they ever want to see being built. Imam Feisal's Ground Zero mosque would become a reality what the 9/11 attack terrorists, masterminds and their like-minded Islamic radicals could only dream. It's a dream come true for the al-Qaeda Jihadis.
One is left to wonder, then, how a "dream-comes-true" event for the Islamic militants would help blunt their mission to commit similar acts that made their dream comes true.
Weird as it may seem to infidels (except some leftist liberals), but most logical to Islamists like Feisal and Fareed Zakaria, what is interesting about this mosque-building campaign is: how they are trying to push it down the throat of Americans with veiled threats, like those of Muhammad, albeit with modern subtlety, understandably given the reality. He warned America on CNN that
Americans must remember that what we do is watched all over the world… Our national security, our personal security, is extremely important. But if you don’t do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world. If this is not handled correctly, this crisis could become much bigger than the Danish cartoon crisis, which resulted in attacks on Danish embassies in various parts of the Muslim world. And if we do move, it will strengthen the argument of the radicals to recruit, their ability to recruit, and their increasing aggression and violence against our country.
In other words, if the Imam's expectation, nay better say his command, an Islamizing one, is not met, he threatened America with violence. Just as did Muhammad to the people of Medina and the kings of Oman, Byzantium, Persia and others: that is, accept what we want here at 9/11 Ground Zero; else, be prepared for the sword, i.e. violence from Muslims.
What is needed for true tolerance and peace building is blunting exactly this mode of Muslim thinking that has been in force from Muhammad down to Imam Feisal. And the result has been untold Muslim-to-infidel intolerance, violence and barbarism—history being the proof.
What is needed for true peace-building between Muslims and non-Muslims is to make Muslims in the Islamic world tolerate non-Muslims, give them religious freedom and equal rights; let them build houses of worship—churches, synagogues and temples freely in Muslim countries—which remains almost impossible even in highly moderate Islamic countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh. For true peace-building, there is a need to build churches, synagogues and temples in Mecca, Medina, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Maldives and other Islamic countries, freely and without fear.
Obviously Imam Feisal is not going to propose or lead such initiatives. He wants a giant, elegant mosque at the most sensitive place in America to declare the rise of Islam. For Muslim readers, he titled his book, written in reaction to the barbaric 9/11 attacks by Muslim terrorists, as A Call to Prayer from the WTC Rubble: Islamic Dawah from the Heart of America Post 911. Historically Muslim invaders, after barbaric attacks on infidel nations, built mosques at their most central, sensitive and revered places for the Islamic call to prayer, call to Islam, a.k.a. Dawah. His book, as it appears, represented his desire to implement that old modus operandi of Islamic invaders, by transforming the Ground Zero into a pulpit for Dawah, call to Islamic prayers. His campaign to build the Ground Zero mosque a decade later is his resolute attempt to realize that blueprint, that dream. And to achieve it in the face of mounting opposition from Americans, he is adopting Muhammad's tactic: that is, agree and submit to what we want or else the swords would be unsheathed, in this case, in the form of violence by Muslims against America.
Muhammad went to Medina as a refugee and established the supremacy and rule of Islam through threats of violence, indeed, through mass eviction and slaughter en masse of the Jews. Imam Feisal and his Muslim hordes also came to the West as refugees and are trying to take over through the same tactics.
Actions of Muhammad, the most perfect man and the best apostle of Allah, are examples for Muslims to emulate for eternity to live the perfect Muslim life. Feisal Abdul Rauf, a devout follower of Muhammad and an Imam at that, could only follow Muhammad, not do otherwise.

Originally posted at Islam-Watch.org