Muslim Immigration in Europe Canada USA Australia causing destruction of their systems

Real Islamic Science : courtesy :

For simple proof that Muslims have no intention of integrating into Australian society or accepting Australian values, you need only listen to the words they use about their status here. We are referred to as the "host" country, they the "what?"
When I think of hosts, the first thing that comes to mind is a relationship of host and guest. Are Muslims guests in our country? Although our foolish and naive Government invited some of them here, a guest should be of mutual benefit to both parties and leave at the appropriate time. Even if a guest outstays their welcome, they eventually leave and the most damage that's done might be a few empty beer cans strewn around the place. A guest does not come into a welcoming house and murder the host, rape his/her daughters, bash their sons, completely trash the place, never leave and then go down the Land Registry to change the title deeds into their own name. No, this cannot be the form of host relationship we have. 
This then brings to mind the parasite-host relationship that we witness in nature. First, let me be clear, this is not intended to be an insult or deliberately degrading, I could think of worse if I wanted to merely take that approach. Set out below is a description of the parasite-host relationship and you can draw your own conclusions. It comes from Wikipedia because, for today's purposes, it is in simple and clear language. Whilst I appreciate Wikipedia is not always accurate nor is it a scientific journal, the parasite-host dynamic is hardly controversial. I have also provided some non-exhaustive comments after the descriptions, but mostly they speak for themselves:
"Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the host.
In general, parasites are much smaller than their host, show a high degree of specialization for their mode of life, and reproduce more quickly and in greater numbers than their hosts." A hostis an organism that harbors a parasite...typically providing nourishment and shelter." 
Parasitic infestation - The parasite, benefits at the expense of the host.

So, first we learn that Parasitism requires two different species - more on that later. We can take the 'much smaller' to reflect current population percentages of Muslims in the West or, more appropriately given they never stop being parasites, a representation of the relative difference in human development. A high degree of specialization explains their limited capacity to adapt, survive and flourish when in secular democracies (or ever).
"Parasitism is differentiated from parasitoidism, a relationship in which the host is always killed by the parasite such as moths, butterflies, ants, flies and others."
This is an important point to make. Whilst Islam kills humanity, it is not in most parasite's interest, particularly Muslims', to physically kill the infidel host. Presumably this is why the "jizya tax" option is provided. I often wondered why this option existed, why not just kill all of us? The fact is that, with all the infidels dead, who is going to provide the brainpower?
Just look at the squalid, backward and wretched state of most Islamic countries. The Gulf countries are only now starting to get proper infrastructure and industry, but who provided this? All the engineers, architects, designers, bankers, lawyers, accountants and virtually every other professional comes from the West - not to mention the ideas. Prior to realising that the oil will run out one day, they were happy to sit with all that money but build nothing to generate a productive, innovative and workable country. They are infantile and incapable without the infidel. 
Egypt - a major food exporter during antiquity slowly turned into a poverty ridden dirthole as the native population (host) was gradually replaced by Muslim Arab invaders (parasites).

Therefore it is better to just immobilise us, control us and keep the host (just) alive. As such, the relationship could not be considered as predator and prey.
"The harm and benefit in parasitic interactions concern the biological fitness of the organisms involved. Parasites reduce host fitness in many ways, ranging from general or specialized pathology (such as castration), impairment of secondary sex characteristics, to the modification of host behaviour. Parasites increase their fitness by exploiting hosts for food, habitat and dispersal."
Unfortunately, the host's fitness, and thus defence mechanisms, are severely impaired to begin with through the debilitating diseases of political correctness, apathy and self-interest. This has enabled the Muslim to attack an already weakened host, causing further disease and great harm. It also leads to serious modifications of host behaviour and thought like cowering to the demands of an aggressor, appeasement, cognitive dissonance, delusion and a muted sense of danger. Once mighty, proud nations now subservient to Muslim thugs. If we can consider strength and courage as characteristics that appeal to mates, then these have surely been impaired.
"Parasites are classified based on their interactions with their hosts and on their life cycles. Those that live on its surface are called ectoparasites (e.g. some mites) and those that live inside the host are called endoparasites (e.g. hookworms). Endoparasites can exist in one of two forms: intercellular (inhabiting spaces in the host’s body) or intracellular (inhabiting cells in the host’s body). Intracellular parasites, such as bacteria or viruses, tend to rely on a third organism which is generally known as the carrier or vector. The vector does the job of transmitting them to the host. "
Keysar Trad and his wife, Hanifeh (right), with their children at their Yagoona home. Whilst not all Muslims are on welfare (Keysar Trad definetely is) and some can get a job or even a good profession, they too choose to remain parasites in our society.
We have I guess, the endoparasites, coming in both varieties. Those that form ghettos and are happy to exploit the host whilst repulsed at the very thought of inclusion and intracellular Muslims as infiltrators, the useful idiots their vectors. Whilst not all Muslims are on welfare and some can get a job or even a good profession, they too choose to remain parasites in our society. Their goal is not to benefit the society but to feed off it from within, attacking it, working tirelessly to immobilise it. Perhaps we also have ectoparasites; the visiting imams, Saudis, UAE and Malaysian Islamic bankers and Muslims who have infiltrated overseas immigration offices to name a few. In fact, it's safe to say that this parasite has developed complex mechanisms for attacking the host from every angle.
"An epiparasite is one that feeds on another parasite."
Sunni and Shia?
"Social parasites take advantage of interactions between members of social organisms such as ants or termites."
Anyone feel like blowing up the 'G this weekend?
"In kleptoparasitism, parasites appropriate food gathered by the host. An example is the brood parasitism practiced by many species of cuckoo and cowbird, which do not build nests of their own but rather deposit their eggs in nests of other species and abandon them there... If the host removes the cuckoo's eggs, some cuckoos will return and attack the nest to compel host birds to remain subject to this parasitism."
Whilst silly infidels sit around wondering if they can afford another child or any at all, Muslims have it sorted, just keep breeding and let the infidel's welfare raise our little Muslim army. Nurturing our own destruction, aren't we clever.
As a final note from Bacterioligist, Dr. Kenneth Todar:
"In biology, the term parasite refers to an organism that grows, feeds and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. In microbiology, the mode of existence of a parasite implies that the parasite is capable of causing damage to the host." 
Not all Muslims are unemployed ... but those with jobs are mostly employed as career Muslims, Their goal is not to benefit the society but to feed off it from within, attacking it, working tirelessly to immobilise it.

Just one issue. The parasite should really be a different species to the host and although Muslims rarely act it, they probably are human after all. This is great news for Muslims, it means that they are also a host for the real parasite: Islam. This parasite only appears to alter the genetic make-up of Muslims, so by isolating and destroying it, Muslims can be free and, as far as the rest of us are concerned, get back their human looking DNA.
See, the Islam parasite has many similarities to rabies, another of the world's deadliest parasites. Rabies survives through a transmission of bodily fluid caused by the host attacking and biting other animals. In this manner survival of the species is ensured by entering new hosts.
If all animals succumb to rabies then logic suggests the parasite will die off as well. Similarly, what happens when all the free people of the world are either dead or in a state of dhimmitude? Can Islam survive without jihad? No, there is no Islam without jihad and we will soon see the demise of Islam, along with humanity, if Islam keeps spreading at its current rate. Sadly, no one will be left to celebrate.
Muslims, some further good news, unlike rabies there is a cure. All it involves is opening your mind and being strong enough to free yourself from the brainwashing and hate the parasite causes. It can be done, and your escape to Australia was meant to be the medicine to kick start this process.
Start asking yourself the following questions: Why does Australia have to be the host? Why can't I just live there, as my country, in a spirit of mutual respect and benefit for all? Let's be clear about this, in Australia we don't care if you have different beliefs in what happens when you're dead or if any force controls this life. We don't care about the colour of your skin, any non-degrading religious attire you may want to wear or how you spend your time. We only ask that you respect this of everyone else and understand that the only way this can work is through a secular democracy. Is this so hard? If so, why is this so hard? We have tried and tried to make you welcome and all you do is take and harm us like a rabid parasite.
Also, accept that we are not just an "Anglo" country but that all other peoples have left their mark in this melting pot. We welcome diversity provided it has a positive impact. But given Europeans settled and built this country and remain an overwhelming majority, do you not think it simple logic that they are entitled to their heritage and that this heritage, which created the free and safe country we have today, should have its due place in the melting pot?
This parasite only appears to alter the genetic make-up of Muslims, so by isolating and destroying it, Muslims can be free and, as far as the rest of us are concerned, get back their human looking DNA.
Understand too that immigrant groups who came before you had the opposite problem and your actions and attitudes are an insult to them. They fought for acceptance to be Australians, dealing with sometimes unfair prejudices and a country still developing its identity and confidence. Those days are long gone though and frankly our problem now is that we are too tolerant of this parasitic disease which is Islam.
In fact, let's not bother with the culture issue, this diversionary gripe you falsely make. It's all about Islam isn't it, you have no culture anyway to offer or replace the current one with, Islam is anti-culture - it's purpose to destroy culture.
Please choose if you want Islam or freedom and if the former, leave. If this is not in your parasite infected nature and the host's goodness is too good to give up, then try not to harm the host - it is not in your interest either. However by choosing to be "us" and we "the host" you are choosing not to be accepted and you never will be. Your reference to host also implies you are waiting in the wings, ready to take over and make it "your" country when the time comes. At least we are grateful that this is made clear and that you happily confirm Australia is not your country.
One day though, hopefully soon, we "the host" will wake up to whatever form of parasite attached itself to us and get the appropriate cure. In the unlikely event that you are actually a guest in this relationship then it's time we had that awkward talk, the one we've been too polite and a little embarrassed to have by now: "Party's over, now pack up your shxt and get out!"
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Truth Detector: To longreach7
longreach7, I know that there are at least a few good Muslims that truly would like to leave Islamism. What you say is very true to a very great extent. Some Muslims are so good that they do leave after fortifying themselves with courage. 
August 03, 2010
Geoff Dickson
Geoff Dickson: ...
Dave Clark,
What a brilliant analogy. Parasites – you will never read that in the MSM!
Whoever wrote the Wiki definition defined Muslims to a tee.

You ask “why does Australia have to be the host?”
On the ABC Four Corners programme, an Indonesian people smuggler was explaining to a Muslim why Australia is a great destination. “It’s great – they give you money there”.
This sits well with what they are told in the mosque, that they are the best of people [Q3:110].
They certainly know how to get around our laws, especially polygamy. They can have one civil marriage and multiple mosque marriages, or travel overseas, marry, and bring the new wife back.
All this MUST be stopped and our laws applied.

These parasites know how to play the ‘victim’ role so well. They play the ‘racist’ card to their advantage and exploit our ‘Multiculturalist’ society. Parasitic behaviour!
Have many Muslims in Australia have real jobs, and pay tax? What percentage, I wonder?

You made me think of another example: the Strangler Fig.
Abundant in our tropical rain forests like the Lamington National park, these figs need a host tree to grow upwards to catch sunlight in a forest. They entwine themselves around the host tree and grow into robust vines, completely strangling the host tree, which slowly dies (and never recovers).
As you say, Muslims need a more advanced civilization (host) to thrive, and as they grow in numbers, they destroy the host. 
August 04, 2010
Truth Detector: Sorry
I'm sorry that I misled you a few days ago. In order to listen to Newt Gingrich and the video on Shariah, go to:
August 04, 2010
Geoff Dickson
Geoff Dickson: We must ACT while we can
Unlike the hosts in the parasite analogy, we DO have a choice.
The rainforest tree can’t stop the strangler vine from growing.
But we can STOP Islam from growing in Australia.
The choice is SIMPLE.

STOP Muslim immigration.
BAN Islam.
CLOSE Mosques. 
August 04, 2010
Bridie Hall
Bridie Hall: ...
the first thing that came to my mind was the same - the maggots feasting from a dead beast. Australia being the dead beast rendered so by the acts of treason of our (haha) leaders.
August 04, 2010
Bridie Hall
Bridie Hall: ...
Talking about parasites, which we are. Has anyone else noticed in the video footage from the flooding in Pakistan the absence of women in the boats. I took notice of this yesterday. In one boat there were 17 men and five women and no children could be seen.

So too was the case of the proportion of men collecting the food parcels dropped from the aircraft to the people below. There was no sign of a women getting food. Only men!

This is quite sinister.

So, when I sighted our most famous dole bludger K. Trad in your above photo, he is surrounded by women, mostly wives, but we are told they are first cousins (haha) and in a free society and collecting around two thousand dollars in benefits and child support and owning three houses, we can assume in his world of "plenty" he is a sex addict.

My point being, in bad times the women disappear and it good times they are used for the one thing Muslims cannot do without between their prayer times and ablutions - sex - and we the "host" are paying for this bludger.

Any other of his spare time is spent in the courts of our country defending anything that comes into his feeble brain. And, once again we the "host" are paying for it.

Don't the stupid politicians know anything? 
August 04, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
This is a Chris Smith 2GB interview yesterday to do with Hizb Ut-Tahrir

He played a piece which was recorded at the last conference, in which a man said something to the effect of the he couldn't help being born here, in this G-d forsaken country
August 04, 2010
Blue Heeler: ...
The other day I saw a comment by Hugh Fitzgerald on a post at The Spectator. (Hugh is a well-known anti-islamist, on a par with Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes etc)
In a nutshell he said, "They don't have to be here. It is an error of politicians, politicians who cannot admit a mistake but it is a mistake with deadly ramifications." (paraphrase mine)

He was talking about (yet another) anti-British event in England but his statement rings so very truly here also. There is NO REASON why we must live with these barbarians - except that it was delivered to us by gutless, evil and/or self-loathing politicians and the leftoids who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

How has a muslim population benefited this country?
I want to know. I really do.
What good has the ghettoisation of large areas of our major cities been to us?
What “good” can be extrapolated from policies that delivered us ethnic rape gangs? Lebanese gun running drug lords?
What “good” does Australia accrue, from having its borders made an international laughing stock? (See 4Corners)

How have hate-spewing Sheiks and Imams added to the overall “wellness” of our country?
Why are criminal muslims NEVER deported?
How can so many muslims be found to have “the right stuff” to be Australians, when so many non-muslims do not?
How is non-English speaking an advantage?

Is there a benefit I have missed, in HAVING TO learn how to accommodate islam and its never ending demands, its lying, its refusal to behave in a civilized manner?

Is there a benefit in this accommodating always being a one-way street?

Has it been good for us, that we now live with anti-terrorism security as a daily reality?
What benefit is it to us when someone like Ayaan Hirsi Aly can only come here with 4 armed bodyguards?

Has it benefited us, that we now have 'anti-discrimination' and 'anti-vilification' laws that punish ONLY the Anglophile populace for daring to ask questions about islam?
Has it benefited Australia, in any way, shape or form, that we now have a class system based on religion?
Who certifies Imams and Sheiks?
Who scrutinizes their school curricula? Does anyone, or is it just like the Halal Certification Board… an unqualified nobody with an idea for making money?

Has it benefited us that we now dole out multi-millions of dollars - dollars which can and should be spent on the benefit of Australians such as the disabled, the mentally unwell, the aged - on a group of people who demonstrate and openly state that they have NO INTENTION of assimilating to ANY of our values?
If they are assimilation-minded, why do they need separate schools, separate facilities, separate laws?

Has it benefited us, that our Government enacted law and policy that has made racism an issue?
What benefit to a young Australian is there in policy that MUST favor immigrants and minorities over them?

Was there a dearth of Anglo-European, Judeo-Christian values-imbued candidates for migration to Australia?
In fact, there is a marked increase in such, due in no small part to their desire to escape the islamisation of Europe.

Do willing muslim migrants outnumber refugees?
YES, they do.
What was it that attracted them to this country?
Did they not know our society is founded on a Judeo Christian ethics, mores and standards?
Did they not know we consider females equal?
Did they not know Australia is an egalitarian society?

I could go on…… what is abundantly clear and obvious to all Australians is that islam and muslims present a problem.
For some Australians it is a minor issue, but an issue none the less. For a far greater number of us, which polling clearly shows and has done so for more than a decade, Islam and islamisation are a major concern.
WE see our nation under assault from an obdurate and aggressive invader; we see our political leadership failing to heed.
There is, I am afraid to say, a logical end to all of this, and it will not be pretty.
Not if…when. 
August 04, 2010
Circe: ...
Dave I have always regarded Islam as parasitic. When Muslims flowed into Europe they didn't bring great texts of knowledge ---they plagiarised the re-emerging Europe ---and when removed Europe sped on and Islam sank. Ditto for the intellectual, articstic, philosophical and material wealth of India --stolen! Across Africa and into Asia we see the same pattern. Some groups in Africa, revealed by archaeological studies, were completely obliterated when Islam arrived though some of their impressive artwork remains!

They destroyed learning centres and libraries full of accummulated knowledge --but all knowledge outside Islam is ignorance and must be destroyed or translated by Christians or others into Arabic and called Islamic.

There contribution to the world is destruction and barbarity --

'The host' is only kept finally to labour for the parasite ---this is why tiny, abused, exploited populations of others reside in the Islamic world as communal slaves.

In European countries Muslims are sucking the welfare of the country dry and costing a massive amount of money as Geert Wilders has pointed out --see 'tribute to Geert Wilders'

They cause death of the host or weaken it to slave status.
There is only one way to treat parasites --remove them and ensure by various means that they never return.
August 04, 2010
waterwillows: ...
Another way to begin is to remove the people from the top who are against the people.
It comes to mind, Queen Beatrice and that silly fool, babbling Charles.
Both have shown an appalling degree of cowardice in the face of a threat to their country and people.
With them at the top.....who needs enemies? Then we need to get rid of the evil appeasers. They are no friend to the people.
Once the bums have been dealt with, one can deal with the muslims. 
August 04, 2010
waterwillows: ...
You may also have noticed the media black-outs when it comes to reporting anything truthful about Islam.
Cancel your newspaper subscriptions and notify advertisers on the TV stations of your intention to boycott their products. This is best done in groups and organizations.
Call for neighbourhood meetings and get organized. Communication is essential. The Americans have done a pretty good job of getting organized and staying in touch. I like to call it the Pony Express.
You will have to go after the media, hard. If they have no customers, they will have brought it on themselves. Who wants to read a bunch of lies anyways?
Let's roll.
August 04, 2010
Trencherbone: More on Muslim Parasites
You'll find more links on Muslim parasitism under the heading Predation, Plunder and Parasitism at 
August 04, 2010
Blue Heeler: ...
Trencherbone - your site is a tremendous aid to all engaged in this desperate fight. Many thanks.
August 04, 2010
Dan Zaremba
Dan Zaremba: ...
An excellent piece Dave.
Parasitism is my favourite terms to describe/classify Islam.

In a way the "members" of the Islamic club remind me of "vampires".

Oh, but these day even vampires get a better treatment by the progressive Hollywood than "spiteful" humans.
August 05, 2010
Truth Detector: Muslim Leeches
Here in the States, we usually call parasitical creatures--in this case Muslim creatures-- of that type, leeches. At times, we also call them parasites just as you do in Australia.

Why do many Muslims become leeches? This is my analysis. These Muslim creatures, many of them low class creatures, are leeches because they have been programmed to think that they are "the best of peoples." These Muslim creatures actually believe that they are "the best of peoples." As a result, their philosophy hurts everyone.

In the past I have written that Islamism or Islam was established primarily to destroy especially human beings. To teach Muslim creatures that they "are the best of peoples" is yet another way to destroy especially human beings. This type of people, the Muslim tribe, are usually of very low esteem especially in the backward Muslim Third World Countries. These Muslims tend to become lazy, haughty, very selfish, and even feisty and pushy. Are not many of the Muslim tribe lazy, haughty, very selfish, feisty and pushy? Yes, they are all of these things. Don't they demonstrate it? You know very well that they do.

The Muslim male, since they are more dominant, will lord it all over others, especially women. Look what happens to the poor women. The Muslim women can legally be beaten by the Muslim Neanderthals. Women are classified as lesser than males. Even parts of the women are cut off legally. Bear in mind that Islamism, masquerading as a religion, can do these things legally. The result is that the poor Muslim women suffer terribly at the hands of the lazy, haughty, very selfish, pushy Muslim males, who are leeches and crimianls.

So are Muslim males good people? No really. Sometimes it seems that they are, but often it's only on the surface. The lazy, selfish, overbearing Muslims feign humility. Don't forget that feigning humility is also part of the destruction of human beings. False humility drives Muslims to fall to the ground and point their ugly hinders at people as they pray to the Muslim god, Satan, sometimes call Allah. It's all an act. But are they good and humble? They are not! These same Muslim Neanderthals will go home and see their wives, and daughters as lesser humans.

Because millions of Muslims fall to the ground and point their ugly hinders at decent people, and because there are thousands of Honor Killings every year in backward Muslim Third World Countries, I dare say that some of these Muslim Neanderthals will go home and murder their pretty daughters.

Other Muslim hinder pointers will go home and murder someone for becoming an apostate.

There is much more, but I'm sure you get the drift. So from where does all this come from? It comes from the fact that Muslim Neanderthals think they are "the best of people." So now what happens? These Muslim Neanderthals become lazy, haughty, very selfish, feisty and pushy. They also become leeches or parasites, who think the world owes them a living. So Muslim males do their part in destroying and fulfilling the doctrine of Islamism, committing all kinds of crimes.




August 05, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
Trencherbone.... I agree with Blue Heeler, I signed up a day or so ago.
August 05, 2010
islam666: trencherbone
Yes great reference site, i found it through a link from the gates of Vienna . all muslims should be directed there for some home truths .

There seems to be getting more and more anti muslim sites as more and more people realize that the danger this backward troglodyte islam crap is ,a danger to all in the world even other backward muslims .

As for muslim been better people now that's a joke. Just look at them killing for the turd allah

August 05, 2010
cHRIScROSS: zero to hero
Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:[Islamic] for it is the number of a man;[Mo-hammed] and his number is Six hundred threescore [and] six. [666]
Build a mosque at ground zero and the parasite will paralyze the host from within.
August 05, 2010
Dave Clark
Dave Clark: ...
Thanks for your comments.
Bridie: Cousins, daughters, temporary wives, school girls, if it's got female bits (or most of them) it's fair game to the Muslim male. Except the mother, Koran tells them Mum is off limits and haram. I had KT exactly in mind for the kleptoparasite.

And Waleed and Susan, Muthlim power couple! I have nothing but contempt and disgust for any Australian convert. Susan, the ultimate "look at me" dozy bint. What a loser. You're in fact even more dull and uninteresting now Susan and you know why you're told to go home in "your own country". Because you're a traitor, you gave up the keys to paradise and the inheritance of Australia when you uttered that shahada. You're lucky we don't lynch you.
Waleed openly advocates apartheid and hate and discrimination against non-muslims in Australia and he’s our moderate?

Muslims, ask this question of yourself? Am I proud to be a maggot, a parasite, a leech, a pariah and a humiliated, despised, treacherous, vile pig in this country? What, that's exactly the way our prophet was for many years you say? Yes, because he was rapist, thief, murderer, robber, liar, deceiving paedophile. It's getting worse too, people are awakening and Suz and Waleed, your "friends" in the Australian community are thinking it through again. 
August 05, 2010
waterwillows: ...
Coming soon to your neighbourhood bus and train stations..........
Common Deflowering !!
What is that you say? This is where the bride on her wedding day is taken to a common area, like the bus station, a white sheet is placed on the floor, family and friends gather round, the bride is stripped quickly and the husband immediately enters her.
Oh, this generally a big surprise to the bride.
The reason for MORE madness? Well if she is a virgin, she will stay married; if not, she will be killed in the bus station. No doubt the bride is pleased with finding out her family and friends don't trust her and that they have no interest in protecting her either.
Naturally the brides hate this. But Islam is too stupid to realize what a bunch of perverts they are.
Does the west really want this in their culture? I think not.
August 05, 2010
Bridie Hall
Bridie Hall: ...
Another host country, Germany is beginning to see the light.
A Would-Be Role Model Hits a Dead End
Criticism of First Turkish-German Minister Grows

By Anna Reimann

Lower Saxony's social minister, Aygül Özkan, was the first person of Turkish origin to be appointed as a state minister in Germany.
Aygül Özkan was meant to be the hope of a new generation of politicians in Germany. In April she became the first politician with German-Turkish roots to become a minister in a state government. But her first months in office have proven to be a disaster and what could have been a public relations coup for her conservative party has backfired.

Aygül Özkan, 38, was meant to be the next great hope for a new generation of German politicians. In April, she became the first person of Turkish origin to be appointed as a government minister at the state level . Indeed, it was rare that a politician had been given as much advance praise or had been saddled with such great expectations.

"She's a major role model, with her competence and her character and she will get off to a good start and do a good job," Christian Wulff, then the state governor of Lower Saxony and now Germany's president, said at the time. He said she would also help to "prevent parallel societies" from forming, a reference to immigrant ghettos many politicians fear are developing in German cities.
At the time of her appointment as social minister, Özkan was feted not just by her party, Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), but across the political spectrum. But Özkan's time in office so far has been marred by controversy.

Only days before taking up her job, Özkan said in an interview that "Christian symbols" -- specifically crucifixes, "do not belong in state-run schools." She added that Muslim headscarves don't, either -- positions that had even been backed by Germany's highest court. But pressure from within her party was tremendous and Wulff reprimanded his protégé, who in turn apologized.

Later, Özkan sparked controversy because of employee contracts she had signed as a manager at TNT, a postal services company. At the company, some workers received wages of only €7.50 ($9.80) per hour. Employment lawyers accused her of having created "working conditions that were at the legal limits." The politician responded by describing the criticism as "absurd" and "unfounded."

A Controversial Charter for the Media

And last week, she caused an outcry when she called on journalists to sign a so-called "media charter for Lower Saxony," in which they were supposed to agree to common standards for reporting about integration efforts in the state.

Those who signed the charter would be obligated to report on the facts and challenges of integration and to "support the integration process in Lower Saxony in the long term" as well as to "initiate and attend to projects" that further that goal. She also demanded that journalists use "culturally sensitive language."

The move drew criticism not only from journalists, but also from members of the political opposition as well as her own party. The state's new governor, David McAllister, who himself is the child of a Scottish soldier who was stationed in Berlin and married a German, made clear that media policies in the state would be determined by the government and not by the social ministry. "We have all learned from this and we will do everything we can to ensure that this mistake is not repeated," McAllister said, adding that press freedom was of particular importance to him.

Meanwhile, the media policy spokesperson for the opposition Social Democrats in the state, Daniela Behrens, said last week: "I am completely bewildered that a minister would dare to propose something like that. No representative of the media would sign that. It's censorship." While it was desirable for the media to boost coverage of integration issues, "that has to be achieved through political efforts," she said. "The media can only report about things that are happening."

A representative of the German Journalists' Association in the state described Özkan's initiative as superfluous, noting that similar language was already contained in the journalists' code of conduct in the state.

Two Major Gaffes after only Months in Office

Özkan then abandoned her plans. It was the second major gaffe in her short term in office. Indeed, the impression she has given so far has bordered on disastrous. Özkan is currently on vacation and has refused to grant interviews. So what has gone wrong with Germany's first minister of Turkish origin?

Those who have met her describe a contented woman who is both courageous and engaged. A woman who doesn't hesitate to state her opinion, but also one who is lacking in experience -- both in terms of politics and the media. Prior to her appointment as social minister in Lower Saxony, Özkan had been a member of the city parliament in Hamburg where, political contemporaries say, she mostly stayed in the background. She was considered a hard worker, professional and always well-prepared.

Her naming as part of Lower Saxony's state government was meant to send an important message -- that the glass ceiling for Germans with immigrant roots is slowly retracting, and that migrants, too, have hopes of making it to the top.

For Wulff and Özkan, however, it was a move wrought with risks. The fact that she was the first German with foreign roots to be appointed to such a high office also meant that the German-Turkish minister would be the subject of additional attention -- even more so given that she was also a member of the CDU, a party not always known to be the friendliest towards immigrants. After all, Özkan was supposed to give the party of more cosmopolitan face, but also to show that immigrants could share the CDU's more conservative view of the world.

Initial Political Pride

Following her appointment, Özkan became the subject of pride for politicians of Turkish origin in all of Germany's major political parties. Today, however, disillusionment is spreading.

"One would expect a minister to have positions she advocated and doesn't always veer away from," Mehmet Kilic, a politician also of Turkish extraction who is a member of the German federal parliament with the Green Party, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. He said Özkan was creating the impression she wanted to be a minister at any price. And Serkan Tören of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) said he was angered by Özkan's media charter initiative, saying it was "unacceptable" to deal with the media in that way. He said it looked like she was trying to force constraints on the work of journalists.
The head of the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD) organization, Kenan Kolat, also said he had been unimpressed with Özkan's work up until now. "Özkan is a competent woman, but the impression she is creating is less than optimal." Kolat, a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party, advised his CDU colleague: "She needs to coordinate better. It doesn't appear that her advisors are doing their jobs well."

More importantly, Özkan may show that political parties aren't doing themselves or immigrants any favors when they appoint people to office who have no experience. In neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia, the new governor, Hannelore Kraft, first planned to include a German-Turk in her cabinet -- but she later abandoned the idea after determining that the candidate was too inexperienced.
August 05, 2010
waterwillows: ...
The problem with muslims who actually work in the west, is that they do so for one reason.
All their energy is poured into undermining the western structure. Bit by bit, they work to tear it down and replace it with Islam.
The ones who don't work help a great deal in this effort, by draining the benefit resources of the west as fast as they can.
That is the main reason muslims love to sue, go to court and cause as much trouble as is humanly possible. Drain. Drain. Drain. 
August 06, 2010
Willi: We let them do it

Why do Moslems immigrate and abuse oure countrys?

We let them do it,its that simple,we are to blame for the present day situation.
August 06, 2010
waterwillows: ...
No we are not the ones who are to blame. That is the reasoning of the looney left and their baggage of white guilt. They are filled with self-hate and wish to spread their own misery on others.
Don't listen to or believe lies of the appeasers.
There are sins of commission; and keep in mind, there are also sins of omission. Because people are good to you, one is not entitled to treat decency with evil. It is a sin of omission and the full blame lies squarely in the corner of the offender.
For these sins of omission, the muslims will owe great debt when crossing over to due diligence. It takes quite awhile to pay off the principle, but of course there is the interest to be considered.
Someone, I think it was a Jew said; "It is better to be a Jew under the heel of the Nazis, than to be a Nazi". How very true that is.
Anyone who has eyes to see, would know that.
August 06, 2010
Joseph Stephen: Blind Man
Change is in your Hands. Vote for the Christian Democrats in this Election.
Blind man who sees more than most
Joseph Stephen is a blind father of 8 standing for the Senate for the Christian Democratic Party in South Australia in the upcoming Federal election. Joseph says that Australians who embrace religions other than Christianity (which he says is not a religion), are cutting off the very branch they are sitting on. he says that it is Christianity which has given this nation its prosperity and freedom. Boat loads of asylum seekers come here to escape the oppression of religions such as Islam, and yet Australians want to embrace Islam and other such religions as if they have provided the freedom and prosperity we've come to take for granted. You only need to consider how many asylum seekers leave the shores of Australia to seek refuge in such countries. It is unheard of for Islamic countries to give aid to anyone but Muslims, in fact, their holy book tells them to kill the infidel. its time Australians woke up and realised where their bread is buttered and really look closely at the Christian ethos woven throughout our history, enshrined in our constitution and foundational to our law. The truth is, atheists have absolutely no foundation for morality, ethics or even logic for that matter. After all, if there are no absolutes then nothing is true, not even atheism. Christianity is the only worldview which makes any consistent sense and it is time that Australians took this seriously and woke up to what Christianity has given Australia and the world.
Joseph Stephen '> 
August 06, 2010
Mateus: ...
Looks like Wally has been mentioned in all the right places this week.First here at AIM and today at our own Herald Sun .
Andrew Bolt ran an article on this slimy little rat . Appears Wally was offended by a Time article exposing the true islam . Amputating a womans ears and nose by good muslims in Aphghanistan was not the true islam according to Wally . Wally also regards the likes of Hirsti Ali as Hollywood type sensatioalist's craving attention . 
August 06, 2010
Rami: WOW!
Im from israel lol. We are dealing with this islam crap for too many years, and its really suprising me to see people from different countries finally realizing what they are dealing with!
I mean your conversation here is something you would have heard in israel like hmmm tens of years ago. The situation in your country is in a perfect fit with the situation here - Welfare, Ghetos, different educational system, complete unloyalty, massive CRIME and so on, support of terrorism and so on as well for the part of the press and politicians who are doing nothing and the "leftists" who need a wake up pill because they live in a world of their own completly disconnected from reality or facts.
For your knowledge, the israeli-palestinian issue is seperate from the conflict with 20% of israeli muslims that are not considered palestinians, but they support them activly or by staying silent.
I never imaginaed im gonna see an australian conversation about matters like this. really suprised lol.
August 10, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
Rami..... shalom, toda raba and welcome 
August 10, 2010
Dark Horse: People Everywhere Getting Fed Up With Islam
David, your post was a bit long, but excellent. Parasites. That's exactly what they are. They screw up their own shitty, backward countries and then do the same to every other country to which they move.

A groundswell of opposition to the stupidity of the Islamic totalitarianism is growing in every civilised countries where Islamists are making a menace of themselves. Their actions in murdering, sexual depravation, stupidity, and their lack of intellectual grunt are the best advertisement we have for their demise.

We need to press the Australian Government to ban muslim immigration, legislate against Shari'a Law and have the gutz to tell these assholes that we won't put up with their stupidity and disrespect for our culture, values and country any longer. On Facebook there are dozens of anti-Islam sites like "No Shari'a in Australia" which I encourage everyone to join and become active in. If we don't do it now, later we'll need to do it with guns.
August 10, 2010
karl anglin: Statement of Oriana Fallaci
I think we cannot lose. We cannot lose because Islam is a pond.
And a pond is a cavity full of stagnant water. Water that never
moves, never runs, never purifies itself, never becomes clean.
The pond does not love Life.....The West instead, is a river. And
rivers are courses of living water. Water that runs, that flows, and
in flowing it purifies itself (and) renews itself.----Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006)
August 11, 2010
Dave Clark
Dave Clark: Response to "Your Mum"
Dear Readers

The following comment was received by me but our ‘moron’ filter seemed to block it. Sometimes it is good to share though:

“You stupid uneducated parasite. The only infestation in this country was when you convicts came here and stole the land from the aboriginies. Show how much you know about Islam, when you bang your mum at night and make up this crap. One day you will get your payback in hell when you dogs”

Thanks for your useful contribution.

First, when you’re going to insult someone you should probably think of something new otherwise you just look witless.

The aborigine point is disingenuous for you given you either live here and are an accomplice after the fact or if you don’t, as a Muslim you are part of a cult that has been stealing, looting, destroying and terrorising other’s land for 1400 years. As for me, son of immigrants who love this country, contribute to it and are eternally grateful for the freedom it has given them. It would be cool though to be from convict, gold rush or early free settler stock too, to feel that your heritage is tied up in creating this amazing country we have today. It must make you very excited to see an advanced civilization like ours just ripe for some Muslim destruction and barbarity?

Now personally my human brain tells me Mum and sex are not compatible and such a thought would never even occur to me.

I understand for Muslims Mum is off limits too because of Quran sura 4:23:

“Prohibited to you (For marriage) are:- Your mothers, daughters, sisters; father's sisters, Mother's sisters; brother's daughters, sister's daughters; foster-mothers (Who gave you suck), foster-sisters; your wives' mothers; your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom ye have gone in,- no prohibition if ye have not gone in;- (Those who have been) wives of your sons proceeding from your loins; and two sisters in wedlock at one and the same time, except for what is past; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful;”

I guess your prophet Mo just didn’t want any of his followers getting any action he couldn’t get? But why are you people so obsessed with sex with one’s mother anyway?

If you can tell me how this is made up instead of being a pretty apt description of Muslim participation in our community then please do. As for hell if you want to believe the crazy rants of a 7th century rapist, slave trader, murderer, looter, thief, liar, paedophile and terrorist then go ahead. You are just a brain dead fool that is wasting their life away and who’s only contribution to humanity is to destroy it. Even if I go to Muslim imaginary hell, what does your Mum look like? She’ll be there being a woman and I might get to know her a bit better, in the Muslim way of course. 
August 13, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
Seems to me Dave, that this highly educated specimen of a human being, is anything but !!!

He doesn't seem to know that the Australian Aborigine came from elsewhere and is not indigenous to this land.

I'd be curious to know why they have an obsession about sex with their mothers, wherever one sees comments by these ignorant uneducated morons, they seem to raise the topic. !!!
August 13, 2010
Dave Clark
Dave Clark: ...
The aboriginal question is complex but they are and should be recognised as the original inhabitants of Australia with a special place in its heart and soul. That is just plain fact. The reality was that such a sparsely populated continent was not going to stay unsettled forever and it either became a Muslim or a Christian country. Where this country has got to with a Judeo/Christian heritage is a blessing for all. As a Muslim country, not only would we have another putrid hellhole on earth but all the Aboriginal art and culture would have been destroyed.

I think they are so obsessed with Mum sex because Mo banned it. Given the Muslim way is to strive to reach the greatest depths of depravity possible, Mo has cut out a good way of reaching it. Still it’s not like hypocrisy is out of the question for a Muslim. 
August 13, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
No doubt at all Dave, on the Australian Aborigine was just a stir !!!

Considering the length of time they have been here, there is no issue.

You're not trying to upset our "dear" friend Taj_El-Din_Hilaly by saying they weren't here first !!!!
August 13, 2010
Dave Clark
Dave Clark: ...

Gotcha and apologies – I wasn’t sure where you were coming from... I’m a bit out of the loop on what these idiots say, it stopped being hilarious years ago. Last I heard all the Aborigines had been converted centuries before the Europeans came and now they are just claiming back their Dar-al-Islam.

Terra Australis was never really in danger of Muslim settlement anyway, they don’t do “create and build”, only “steal and destroy”. It’s only of use to them now. 
August 13, 2010
Geoff Dickson
Geoff Dickson: ...
We are fortunate to have a good moderator on this site.
For my latest article on the Lebanon Flotilla, I have had charming comments like:
“F*** the Jews”. Luckily, none have been published.

I had my own “Mulsim moment” today when I attended a protest meeting by DBS in Brisbane.
I was photographing war monuments of General Monash and others dedicated to when we brought freedom to Palestine by defeating Turkish Muslims and of course WWII when we faced off against Al Husseini’s Muslim troops. WWI and WWII had Muslims as our enemy.
While I was taking photos of the monument, three Lebanese looking men circled me and took photos from all sides in an intimidating display.
The Police looked on.
These social misfits are calling for boycotts of Israel to free Palestine.
Muslims invaded Palestine in 637AD and Islam brings hatred against Jews.
My own chants are these: