Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breaking Free From Islam

I submit that Islam is not a religion of peace. How many people were beaten, executed, intimidated, ridiculed, harassed and silenced by Islam in the past 1400 years? Too many, that is the answer and using allah as a shield to justify said actions is inexcusable and beyond the pale. Islam teaches one to give up their humanity to be guided by a compass of immorality. For evidence, just google it. Better yet, read the koran. Having a critical mind while reading will reveal one thing.

Islam is out to destroy all the freedoms that we here in the west take for granted. I really can't say anything more on this matter because one really has to see it with their own eyes.

Just look at the Netherlands as an example. "Peaceful muslims" move in and act all nice, but when their numbers grow enough, a switch gets flipped and all of a sudden, homosexuals are kidnapped and killed, women are raped, hate speech fills the air, people of other religions are assaulted verbally and physically...

Or Paris France, how muslims from all over France shuttle to Paris to block off streets to the local population so they can pray! Intimidation tactics.


There is no way that this vile cult can be considered peaceful

Breaking Free From Islam

When I was a Muslimah, I searched all over the internet trying to find people who got out of Islam. I was desperate to get out. I realized that this religion had little to do with God, and that I was in danger. I felt completely alone, because I had been abandoned by my family, and my new Muslim family did not truly have my back. Sharia law calls leaving Islam apostasy, punishable by death. This is not a game. There are lots of women out there that get trapped like I did in the world of Islam. There are some who are trying desperately to get out, while others are thinking to convert or marry a Muslim man. STOP!!! Before you do anything, arm yourself with knowledge. Learn from other women like me who have gone down that tortuous path and wasted years of our lives. If you are caught in a situation and need help getting out, you are not alone. You have friends here who have been through that and can help. If you are thinking of marrying a Muslim man, please ask questions. If you are thinking of converting to Islam, why? Do you really understand this so-called religion. Do you know that it has all the elements of a textbook cult? Please ask questions! Join this group to discuss your situation, and to learn more about Islam and why we are no longer Muslims.
Created on: Saturday, 05 June 2010

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